Insight's star undercover correspondent Anas Aremeyaw Anas is Africa's most feared and famous sting artist.

Anas' daring undercover work and “Name, Shame, and Jail" mantra have made him a hero to anti-corruption, human rights, and transparency activists, but Anas has never shown his face in public. His relentless pursuit of criminals and corrupt public officials in his native Ghana, across Africa, and around the world has created too many enemies.

In 2009, Anas went undercover as a patient in Ghana's biggest psychiatric hospital to expose nurses' abuse of patients, narcotic drug peddling within the wards and gross cases of human rights abuse. This story created widespread awareness of mental issues in Ghana and led to the passage of the 2012 Ghana Mental Health Act.

His exposé of a trafficking ring in “Chinese Sex Mafia" led to three human traffickers receiving a 41-year jail sentence, while “Spell of the Albino," produced as part of Insight's Africa Investigates series, exposed the sinister trade in body parts. “Enemies of the Nation," which uncovered corruption at Ghana's Tema Harbor, led to the recovery of $200 million in state funds.

Anas began his career in journalism as a private detective and undercover reporter working for The Crusading Guide, Ghana's most aggressive independent newspaper. Soon, Ghana's President called Anas personally to ask for assistance exposing corrupt officials in the Port of Accra and Ghana's electric utility. As a trained attorney and member of the Ghana Bar Association, Anas has an appreciation of the legal dynamics which underpin his work. This gives him a unique blend of skills and insights necessary for his undercover methods.

Anas joined Insight in 2010 for the production of the groundbreaking “Africa Investigates" series, featuring undercover investigations spearheaded by local investigative journalists across the African continent.

Working with Insight, Anas has personally led undercover investigations to expose the Tanzanian trade in albino limbs, contract killing of disabled children in northern Ghana, high-level corruption in Sierra Leone, the counterfeit gold trade in West Africa, and money laundering in the Seychelles.

Screengrab from an Al Jazeera spotlight on Anas.

Anas is a rising star in global journalism. He was personally praised by President Obama in his 2009 Accra speech as “a courageous journalist who risked his life to report the truth." Anas gave a headline TED Talk at TED2013, “How I Named, Shamed, and Jailed."